Color Chart and Decals

Let's be real...custom decal colors will not make you any faster.  But, why not have wheels that match your frame?  Enduroworx can provide that service as part of our wheel building process, free of charge.  We will work with you and determine what color scheme, and decal style is best.  We can even put your name or favorite mantra on them as well.  Remember, no two wheels sets are alike. 

Below is a list of our most popular color choices, but we are NOT limited to these.  If you don't see your color of choice, we will do our best to color match the decals to your bike.  The colors listed below are also not true to color, we can show you exact color swatches in person, or via email as well.  

The decal process is all hand done.  It can be time consuming and very tedious work.  We believe this should be all part of getting custom handbuilt wheels. Some of our favorites include reflective orange, reflective black, and brushed silver, and gold.