Extra Wide MTB Rim Advantages

The advantages of a wide rim are too many to ignore.  And now with a great selection of tires that take full advantage of this beast, we are behind this setup 100%.  

When you put properly sized 2.35-3.0" tires on this rim, get ready to experience grip and lateral holding forces like you didn't think were possible. The combination of stability, compliance, low rolling resistance and raw grip are game changing.

Count on better traction, ride quality, rolling resistance, and stability.  Due to the increased tire volume and decreased tire pressure, your tire can give you an extra inch or two of suspension upon impact. When running a wider rim, you are increasing the air volume which is resulting in a smoother ride since the base of the tire is now wider. This allows you to run your suspension a tad bit stiffer thus gaining better overall control of your bike. 

By having a wider sidewall, this raises the edge knobs without raising the center knobs thus making a less round and more square tread cross section profile. Count on better cornering and nimble handling too due to the flatter tread cross section, stiffer edge knobs, and lower air pressure, resulting in more tread on the ground.  "Holding your line" over loose terrain will be a lot less of an issue with wider rims and your wheels will almost feel as though they are sticking to the ground on the climbs.

With a narrower rim running a 2.35 or 2.4 tire, the sidewalls are much taller than when they are mounted on a wider rim. With taller sidewalls, the effects of heavy lateral force while cornering could cause separation or folding causing "burping" of the tire.  It's happened to the best of us.  By running wider rims, the sidewalls are considerably lower, and burping the tire becomes a lot more difficult, by a huge factor.